The Making of Pamiris Client Spotlight Video Series: Pt I

The members of the Pamiris team are a creative bunch. Administrative assistant Laura Slaby graduated from PSU with a degree in art practices, for goodness sake. While payroll can be pretty dry, we’re inspired as a company by innovation, problem-solving, and creativity in unlikely places.

Which is why we’re in love with the Creators Project, a collaboration between Intel and Vice Magazine. The Creators Project features brief 5 – 10 minute videos of devastatingly hip artists applying bleeding edge technology to their craft. And while neither Vice nor Intel is mentioned directly in the videos, both companies benefit from the subtle re-branding they grant one another: Intel’s presence legitimizes Vice’s somewhat controversial reputation, and Vice lends some of their hipster credibility to the project’s considerably geekier partner.

What I as the social media marketing director at Pamiris took from the Creators Project was the idea that it’s possible to advertise an unsexy product (ie. integrated time and attendance systems, &c.) by allowing the cool people who choose to use it have the spotlight. Thus, our client profile video project was born.

I wanted the videos themselves to be a win-win online marketing set-up for both Pamiris, and whichever clients we chose to work with. My goal was to spread awareness of Pamiris’ services through exposure of our valued clients and their businesses. Pamiris, smaller in size and influence than both Vice Magazine and Intel, can’t afford to have its corporate identity entirely removed from the video series. But I hope that by focusing less on our specific services and more on the companies these services empower, the client video spotlight project engages potential clients more personally than our brochures or company website.

Jared Birt Preps for 2nd Stories Shoot   Group Prepares for 2nd Stories Shoot

In Part II of the Client Spotlight Video Series post set, I’ll be discussing the process through which videographer Jared Birt, Pamiris CEO Alyssa Agee, and I planned, shot, and produced one of our first short films with Portland-based nonprofit Second Stories.

While you wait anxiously for part II of this post (coming on Monday), I encourage you to head over to the Webby Awards website and vote for The Creator’s Project (under Branded Content). As I mention above, the project is inspiring both as a showcase of modern artists and as a model of engagement for businesses looking to promote themselves by highlighting their value in their clients’ day-to-day business lives.

Interested in finding out how you can be one of our valued customers? Go to to find out more about our outsourced payroll/HR/timetracking services and get in touch for a quote.


About Pamiris, Inc.
Pamiris is an outsourced payroll, HR, and time tracking service provider with offices located in Portland, OR and Spokane, WA.

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