The Making of Pamiris Client Spotlight Video Series: Pt II

One of our initial pair of client profile videos featured Second Stories, a self-described “faith based, nonprofit, community development corporation, focused on neighborhood transformation in Portland and beyond.” (The other client we interviewed was Coffeehouse NW/Sterling Coffee – click here for the video.)

Filming the video, our team (Alyssa, Jared, and I) was faced with different hurdles of filming a nonprofit whose work revolves around building community. We had to walk the line between exposing the amazing work Second Stories does without overexposing the people they seek to build personal connections with.

I was still an intern when I initiated the project, and was admittedly a little intimidated by the perceived monster I had created for myself. Luckily, the videographer Alyssa tracked down from her extensive network of creatives was Jared Birt. A man perfect parts laid back and professional, Jared was able to take my ideas and turn them into well-edited videos worthy of the Pamiris Youtube page.

In preparation for the project, Jared, Alyssa and I met to discuss our vision for Pamiris’ sophomore online video. For the Coffeehouse NW/Sterling Coffee Roasters video, I had drawn up a thorough set of story boards. But because I had never visited the locations where Jared would be shooting, the team had to be more flexible and creative while filming and editing the video. We prepared a video consent form and question list before contacting executive director Clark Blakeman about filming.

We decided to film parts of a conference where he was lecturing, and a Friday Night Stories session. During Friday Night Stories, the Second Stories crew and a group of 30 registered participants stand on SE Powell and 82nd to hand out hot dogs and listen to the different voices of the community. While we wanted to film Clark and his team in action, we had to honor the privacy of the individuals sharing their stories. Jared was careful to keep his distance while filming and allow Clark and his team to do their work in the community.

In the end, Jared did an excellent job piecing together the footage. Clark and assistant director Andreas Lunden eloquently articulate both the pleasure they find in their own work, and how helpful Pamiris has been in adapting to their nonprofit payroll needs.

We’re currently looking for more client volunteers to participate in the second round of our client spotlight video project. Please email me, Sarah Eadie, if interested.

Want to hear more about what Pamiris can do to minimize your payroll, HR, and timetracking headaches? Request a quote.


About Pamiris, Inc.
Pamiris is an outsourced payroll, HR, and time tracking service provider with offices located in Portland, OR and Spokane, WA.

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